Our next build will be live to play to closed testers on Friday.

Below is the current changes from build 6.

Patch Notes:

  • Added Level 1.5
  • Added Armor Upgrade System
  • New interact events
  • Fix Menu bug
  • Adding Final Visuals

Current issues and bugs.

  • Minor beta menu glitches.


WIP for Next build(s)

  • Add new interact events.
  • Stat Mini Game.
  • Level 2.1~2.5
  • Updated Menus.
  • Visual Upgrades.


Release 7 Info.

We this build we finally crossed the half way mark of development and with the core stuff working we plan to have 3~5 more releases until the public build.  The main goal of this build is to add the armor upgrade system.  While Reiko doesn’t change armor in this version she’ll be able to augment her stats with seals.   These seals can increase her stats and resistance during battle. You can change these seals via the change outfit menu.  Each seal has 4 variations depending on you play style.  You can use the money earned from the dungeons to upgrade them and swap them out with other seals. Note that upgrades can fail and higher rates will have less success.

For the new build I’ll give you 5,000 credits instead of the previous 0. You can automatically use the money to buy Reiko more food or refine her equipment.

Once again after you finish 1.5 please tell me the full details of Reiko’s stats and refinement.

Build 8 will be released near the end of the month.




Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~70 MB free space.

If you want to test the game you can apply via the application below.

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