We’ll be release the closed testing builds at a faster pace for now.

Below is the current changes from build 5.

Patch Notes:

  • Created post battle dialogue.
  • Added Levels 1.3 and 1.4.
  • Added Recovery Items.
  • Added the block skill in the game.
  • Updated the Heal formula.
  • Fixed Battle Menu lag issue.
  • Added Hunger and Stamina System. (Test Version)

Current issues and bugs.

  • 1.1 Boss will trigger an invisible enemy.
  • Menu BG stops scrolling in temp menus.


WIP for Next build(s)

  • Add new interact events.
  • Stat Mini Game.
  • Level 1.5
  • Updated Menus.
  • Add Equipment Stats and Upgrades.


Release 6 Info.

For the 6th release we would like to focus on the battle system and how far the player can get to level 1.4 with the recent additions.   One of the new features that we added is the new block command which will allow Reiko to block 20% of the incoming damage.  The block will stay in effect until you use another skill.  Another thing we added is food and recovery items.  For the test build we will give you 5 Reiko’s Medicine which will recover Reiko’s HP to 100% and SP by 10% and you can get random items via the shop for 100 credits.  You can get credits by defeating enemies.  Other items will include the following below.

Red Gel  HP 5%  SP 10%

Juice Pouch HP 20% SP 10%

Water Bottle HP 1% SP 5%

Apple Juice HP 5% SP 5%

These foods will also recover Reiko’s hunger and stamina once consumed.


After you completed Stage 4 please give us Reiko’s current Level and her current Life.




Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~70 MB free space.

If you want to test the game you can apply via the application below.

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