Mizuki Saga Anniversary Event

To celebrate the anniversary of Mizuki Saga we’ll be launching a slew of events starting with part 1.


Part 1: Anniversary Launch Party

Part 1 Dec 2, 2020~Feb 3,2021


The first part will determine how many events we’ll have in 2021 in celebration of the event.

We’ll also launch a special two part Mizuki Saga comic detailing the event as a bonus.


We’ll be unlocking these events below based on the number of points earned via the launch party event.

  • 1 Point=Mizuki Saga Prize Raffle
  • 3 Points= Mizuki Saga Open Request Event
  • 5 Points= Custom Mizuki Saga Artwork Raffle.
  • 6 Points= Mizuki Saga Art Contest
  • 10 Points= TBA

The events will be announced in a few weeks after we reach the goal.

Points for the event can be earned once we reached the following goals.

Goals reach will only be valid until the end of part 1 of the event.

Additional events can be unlocked past 10 points.