Date: January 19, 2020
Alot of Progress has been made. Got a new computer so thing will be able to go abit faster. The Untold Story project coming along great.

For those that wanna support I made a MoneyPool for Untold story.

Date: February 10, 2019
Everything for the Untold Story in RenPy going good. It is starting to get it’s first animation thanks to a person willing to do it.

Now we just need someone to help us on Backgrounds then we can get the first phases started.

Date: December 8, 2018
So Im still having problems with the key being kicked out. So I have made the desicion to remake it in Ren’Py, but I will keep the RPG Maker XP Demo up for all to play.

In Ren’Py, We are still working on the Battle System. It is in the early stages, but hope we can bring something more appealing.

Date: March 18, 2018
So everything is going good. I will release an Official Demo. The Prolouge has a more “complete feeling. 

The person that is helping me with the graphics, she decided to redo the drawings, but I will put them in a later version.

Date: June 19, 2017
I would like to thank everyone who has been waiting on updates. First off the next build will come very soon with some exciting changes. Aden and Sopia are partly voiced including some skills. Also the beginning of the game is getting some changes, hoping to pull the player into the story. And if you havent seen, The Untold Story is getting  updated graphics. 

I am really trying to do my best in bringing an enjoyable game. Do keep in mind that Im almost doing everything myself so it takes abit long. 

Concerns: I have recently updated to Win10 and for some reason RPG Maker XP doesn’t work that well. Every few days it kicks the Key out and won’t let me save my project at times.