We’ve added the character section and Reiko’s cosplay section to the main website.

Right now we only have 3 characters so far but we plan to expand the list to the other characters once we finish the new artwork and info for each character.

We also will be expanding the character section with other features which will be added which includes a character gallery, character skills and other info to their main pages.

We’ll post and update when these features and other characters will become live via the website.


We made a link for Reiko’s cosplay section which you can view by clicking on the menu below the logo.

We’ll be updating her cosplay site with new outfits every month and reposting her previous cosplay outfits chronology every week.

Her page will also have a mini main page and about page as soon as they are complete.


The website is still be worked on thus we are still tweaking the design and we’ll continue to update you on the progress.

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