We decided to group the updated into one update for now.

Staring out we like to announce that the digital version of Megami Saga: Resurrection VOL 3 will launch in late May 2018.  We plan remake the Megami Saga: Resurrection page later next month.  VOL 4+5 will focus on Mitsuko Sakuramoto and the aftermath of Yuki’s rebellion.  More details to follow when the site is launched.   Due to the cancellation of a few conventions we planned to attend this year we’ll like to announce that we’ll be launching a crowdfunding for the physical version of Megami Saga: Resurrection VOL 3 & 4.  More details will be revealed next week.


We also like to announce that Reiko Interact will be launch on March 2018.  Final details about the project will be released shortly.


We are also still deciding and tweaking the site and we should have the the final character section done soon.

For anyone waiting on the figure update we’ll have another update on Friday.


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