Reiko Interact’s Alpha Build #2 is now live for testers.

Anyone who applied for the testing will be getting the build shortly.

This release is to test the first phase of the combat system.

We plan to release the combat system in various small updates to ensure the final battle system is balanced and enjoyable.

Testing will last between Aug 25~31.


Battle system details.

The Reiko Interact battle system is first person active time battle system.  Essentially while it’s a turn based RPG all the actions are happening in real time.  When the battle begins you have access to your offensive and defensive attacks based on the buttons you press.  To order to do a basic attack just click on the attack button to switch to the offensive attacks then click the attack button again to begin the attack.  Once you select your attack your ATB meter will begin to rapidly fill and then disappear, this is the power meter.   The higher the meter is when you click on the enemy the more damage is dealt.


Below are the patch notes.

  • Added base battle system.
  • Added draft of the first map.
  • Updated draft placement of the map buttons.
  • Added core level up system.

Current issues and bugs.

  • Menu’s background is not working.


  • Add SP system
  • Add equip system
  • Add chain combo system.


Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

67 MB free space.

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