Part 4 of the voting event is now live to to determine which artwork will be released as an acrylic stand is now live.

Part 4 will end on February 14 and the top 2 will advanced to the next round.

The top 8 will become 1/15 scale print mini’s that will be bundled with our campaign and the top 4 will become acrylic figures for the premium bundles.

Next week will be the final rounds for the voting event with part 5 and 6 starting at the same time.

You can read the pilot pages of Mizuki Saga here.

For the last part of the first round we’ll focus on Reiko’s Summer cosplay/outfits.



Reiko Cosplay Acrylic Stand Voting Event Part 4/6

Milim Nava Summer Cosplay

Sakura Summer Cosplay

Tiki Summer Cosplay

Reiko Summer 2019

For the previous poll we had a total of 11 votes between all the polls.  The top two winners are below and will advance to the the final round.

The results are below.

Miku Star Vocalist Cosplay no 1 with 46% of the votes.

Miku 11th anniversary  earned 27% of the votes.

Vintage Outfit Cosplay earned 18% of the votes.

Miku V3 tied at third with 18% of the votes.

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