Reiko Interact’s alpha build 4 will be ready shortly for testers.

Anyone who applied for the testing will be getting the build shortly.

If you haven’t applied you can apply here.

The next build should be ready between Sunday and Monday.

We’re currently removing the last of the bugs before the release.

This build will focus on the new HUD and UI elements and the new interact script with Reiko.

We added new poses for Reiko so she’ll have more emotion when she talks however the current trade off is that the outfit customization will be disabled for the time being.

We plan to enable it in a future build.


Below are the changes from the last build.


Patch Notes:

  • Added new poses for Reiko.
  • Added new UI/Hud elements to the game.
  • Added new interact elements with Reiko.
  • Updated Dungeon background graphics and code.
  • Minor bugs and tweaks.


Current issues and bugs.

  • Menu’s background is not working.




  • Add SP system
  • Add equip/outfit system
  • Add new interact events.
  • Add Vigor System.


Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~70 MB free space.

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