Our next build will be live to play to closed testers on Wednesday.

Below is the current changes from build 7.

Patch Notes:

  • Updated Armor System.
  • New interact events
  • Food item tweaks
  • Enemy stat adjustments.
  • 1.5 Boss Enemy Added.
  • Visual tweaks.

Current issues and bugs.

  • Minor beta menu glitches.


WIP for Next build(s)

  • Add new interact events.
  • Stat Mini Game.
  • Sleep option.
  • Battle rest and KO event.
  • Level 2.1~2.5
  • Updated Menus.
  • Visual Upgrades.


Release 8 Info.

The main changes to the build is some early game stat tweaks and balances.  The level 1 & mid boss slime stats have been tweaked and reduced to make the battles a bit more easier.  We adjusted the spawn rate due to some cases some players would not encounter an enemy until the boss battle.  We also begin to add more visual effects and transitions.  We currently have the beta stuff added and we’ll updated it with the final ones closer to release.  We also tweaked the food items a bit and for the time being we added some  stat info for the foods. We added the rest of the equipment refine system so you can fully play with the stats and make sure everything is working.  The last update is that we added the level 1.5 boss to the game the giant slime.  Every x.5 level will included a final boss and unlike the mid bosses which are just slightly stronger enemies the boss is a true upgrade over the original enemies.  We do recommend you to at least be level 5 and have some properly upgraded gear before fighting the boss.

Between release 8 and 9 we plan to add several new game elements to the game.  We’ll announce the new stuff when it’s closer to completion.


Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~80 MB free space.

If you want to test the game you can apply via the application below.

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