Continuing from the last update we continue to work on the feet.

Because it’s self drying Epox Clay we have to do it in layers.

First step we started to develop the shape of the upper part of the feet to refine the shape.

After we finished the upper part of the feet we started to work on the bottom part of the feet.

We had a little issue with the depth of the right foot in terms of dept so we had to sand it down to match the other foot.

Below is the image before the sanding.

Now doing the feet is the hard part due to this is a 1/6 scale figure.

It actually took us a few attempts but we manage to get the base shape of the toes right.

Although have have most of the base shape of the feet and the toes done we still have a bit of tweaking to do before we add it to the figure.

We’ll revisit the feet again once we have enough content for an update.

Next week we’ll start and begin the prep work on her legs.

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