We like to wish everyone a happy new year.

This year is coming to a close and last year was a transitional year for us thus we didn’t have many releases last year.

We plan to finish the transition and organization and begin to release more content this year.

Starting out we plan to continue the year with Mizuki Saga Pilot until our official crowdfunding campaign for season 1 on Feb 26, 2020.  We hope everyone will the pilot pages and will support the campaign and continue beyond the pilot season.

We also like to announce that we are planning to launch another closed testing for Reiko Interact this weekend we plan to launch the patch notes when it’s ready.

Megami Saga: Resurrection VOL 3 is still on track for a March release date and will be bundled via the Mizuki Saga campaign.

We hope more people will support our projects so we can have a good year and we wish everyone a happy new year.


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