Reiko Interact’s alpha build 3 will be ready shortly for testers.

Anyone who applied for the testing will be getting the build shortly.

We decided to test a few ideas for the battle system so we had a gap between releases.

Release schedule should be back to normal after this release.


Battle System Changes:

  • Battle Attack Speed tweaks.
  • You can now select an enemy anytime during the battle vs after you select an attack.
  • Removed the charge system after you select an attack to improve battle speed.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.

Other Patch Notes:

  • Added Stage 1.2.
  • Added locked doors and unlock triggers to the game.


Current issues and bugs.

  • Menu’s background is not working.



  • Add SP system
  • Add equip system
  • Add new interact events.
  • Add Vigor System.


Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~70 MB free space.


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