We would like to apologize for the recent delay of Mizuki Saga by announcing a summer giveaway.

We’ll officially announce the event on July 1, 2020 once we receive the minimum amount of pre-registers.

Prize(s) may include items from our shop or a custom made item for this giveaway.



To pre-register just post in the comment section below or our various sub new sites.

The goals will be revealed once the previous goal is met.


Pre-registration goals.

  1. 10 Register: Content will officially launch.
  2. 25 Resister: TBA
  3. 40 Registers TBA
  4. 60 Registers TBA
  5. 100 Resisters TBA


Mizuki is currently back on schedule with Reiko Cosplay: Tiki part 1 which is now live to view.

Part 2 will be released on July 1, 2020.

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