Our next build will be live to play to closed testers later this week via Patreon and previous testers.

Below is the current changes from build 8.

Patch Notes:

  • EX levels 1~3 added.
  • Reduced cost to make food to 50.
  • Stamina System Added.
  • Minor tweaks and balances.

Current issues and bugs.

  • Minor beta menu glitches.


WIP for Next build(s)

  • Spirit Training Mini Game.
  • Battle rest and KO event.
  • Level 2.1~2.5
  • Updated Menus.
  • Visual Upgrades.


Release 9 Info.

We’re getting a bit closer to the full release and we’re working on a big update soon which include the Spirit Training mini game.  We wanted to have it with this build but we still need a bit more time to finish it.   The new content in the build is the new EX levels.  The exp levels are the first 3 levels you plan in the game before you start level 1.  These levels are made to be a tutorial and give you a taste before the main levels.


Android OS based phone/tablet with at least 1 GB of ram.

Quad Core CPU.

iOS version coming soon.

~80 MB free space.

If you want to test the game you can play it via our Patreon.

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