To celebrate Miku day we are launching a week long event.

Starting off we are working on a new version of our decals called the Decal Dress Sereis or DD Series.   We’ve been prototyping the concept for a while and we decided to launch our first one with a custom image of Hatsune Miku.

Here is the current info on the project.  The final price may vary depending on site however we’ll launch a pre-orders sometime between May and June once we have a working prototype.

We plan to reveal more details in April/May.


We are also launch a sale to celebrate Miku Day where all products are 15% off when you buy two or more items with free shipping.  Select items will be 39% off for the two weeks.

Last we like to announce that our next voting event is now live via & we’ll be giving away at least one 1/15 scale decal mini of Hatsune Miku.


For anyone who voted via our website you can enter the raffle by voting via our link then commenting in this post below.

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